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    Rasa App

    A Little Background

    Rasa.io is a New Orleans based company that created a social engagement web application and mobile app serving association communities. Rasa’s purpose is not simply to drive revenue engagement around any single project, but is focused on helping associations build lasting momentum within their web communities. We are proud to have partnered with Rasa since it launched and we are excited that this relationship continues today! To date our design and development work with Rasa has focused on 4 areas: Brand Development, Marketing, Website Application Development, and iPhone/Android Mobile App Development.

    Building a Brand

    Rasa first approached Radolo in asking us to help with the development of their overall brand strategy before beginning any website interface design or app development. Naturally, we were excited about the project and our design team engaged in a discovery process at our New Orleans central office with the Rasa team well before thinking about the iPhone app development stage. This process provided our designers with an understanding of the core messages Rasa wanted its online brand to convey and the audience to which the app development was targeted. Recognizing that Rasa’s core principle was to build lasting momentum within online communities, we are proud of the brand and marketing materials we developed for Rasa, which incorporates themes of community, purpose and energy throughout the mobile app design.

    A Framework for Community

    Rasa provides a social network to association communities around the country, not just in New Orleans. Their desktop and mobile app provides a way for associations to engage their members, but also ways for members to interact with each other and create their own evergreen app content. These loops of feedback and interaction are designed with a minimal approach to provide a streamlined user experience that allows for natural growth within the community. By providing digital tools without restricting users innovation, we allow the app development to be flexible and facilitate website communication between users.

    Desktop Web Application

    After we completed the brand development, it was time to start the interface design and app development for the desktop web application. We approach all of our app development projects from a design first perspective and task our developers to build web applications within the desired interface design. By approaching our work in this manner, we ensure that the user experience is never compromised during the app development process. In developing the Rasa desktop web application, we worked with multiple teams in New Orleans and around the country to create a system that would grow and allow cross app development for many platforms including the mobile app. The app design encourages interaction and sharing through a clean user interface that promotes comments. A system of sub communities ensures that the most relevant information on the web application is always at the top of the web page. We accomplished our goals of creating an easy to use web application that provides constantly fresh content without compromising design or user experience!

    Small Interface, Powerful Features

    The mobile app design was created with the user in mind from the start. Through our design and development of the web application, we knew exactly what features we wanted to promote in the more streamlined interface of the iOS and Android app. We outlined a series of simple sketch designs called “wireframes” that show a visual representation of the user flow through the mobile app. This early stage of the design process allows us to anticipate user needs and make the most important features easily accessible in the user interface design for both iPhone app and Android app. After a thorough discovery phase, a full color version of the app design was created using the latest principles of material design to ensure a clean UI (user interface).

    Mobile App Development

    Having successfully deployed the development of the Rasa desktop web application and moving it into final production, along with designing the interface for the mobile app, we were ready to start development of the mobile app. The final version of the mobile app allows users to access the same great functionality on their iPhone and Android devices that they are able to experience on the desktop web app. Developing a mobile app can be costly and time-consuming, especially during app development for both iOS and Android app stores. We surmounted this challenge by utilizing the Cordova platform, which allowed us to build the app development with pure HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript and deploy to both iOS and Android app operating systems with one app development package. Since the web application was already completed, we were able to utilize the existing web services for the mobile app development, which significantly cut down time needed for the overall app development costs.

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