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    New Orleans Fish House

    Building on Heritage

    The city of New Orleans is home to some of the best fine dining seafood restaurants in the country. Seafood is much more than just food for locals in New Orleans; it’s truly a part of our culture. That being said we were honored when New Orleans Fish House, a staple of quality and integrity on the Gulf coast, approached us to help revolutionize fresh seafood purchasing for chefs and restaurateurs through an innovative mobile app.

    A New Way of Thinking

    Fish House recognized that New Orleans chefs have elevated creative fine dining and wanted to build a mobile app that provided a new set of tools to facilitate fresh seafood ordering. Our user experience team set to work evaluating which features would streamline shopping and keep users informed about new daily specials.

    Radolo knew making a great shopping experience was the key to creating a successful app. With that in mind we created innovative mobile app tools like one-click re-ordering and the ability to make favorite lists so chefs can spend less time buying and more time on their business.

    Connecting with Customers

    Because the seafood industry is an organic and constantly fluctuating market depending on season and what’s being caught, notifications are quickly pushed out to customers when items are specials or when a new season begins. These powerful tools allow chefs to stay up to date and connected with Fish House New Orleans directly through the mobile app.

    A Clean User Interface

    Our designers created a simple user interface for the mobile app that further enhances the shopping experience through intuitive navigation and seamless purchasing. Beautiful photos of all the products throughout the app show the high quality items provided by Fish House New Orleans. Autocomplete search forms and clear categories allow customers to explore the app by searching directly or browsing items to see what’s available.

    A Strong Admin Platform

    Building custom software design is incredibly important to allowing users to get the most out of their products. No business app is successful unless it streamlines the business process allowing the custom software design to save a company time, management costs, and creates virtual redundancy for backing up important data. The Fish House admin panel allows salesmen to better perform their jobs through easy directory access as well as historical order data. Any good custom software design will include multiple access levels for various employee types, so New Orleans Fish House had four different tiers with tools targeted specifically to the employees daily tasks. This entire system is a testament to the hard work of discovery and assessing company needs to streamline business software needs and build a custom solution that our app developers built for New Orleans Fish House.

    Streamlining Orders

    One of the most important features of the custom software design is the ability for New Orleans Fish House warehouse employees to print well organized order sheets for fulfillment. As the busiest fulfiller of fresh restaurant fish in the city, New Orleans Fish House knew that their custom software design needed to streamline this ground level process in order for the app to be successful. Our order sheets are incredibly easy for employees to read and this translates into accuracy for order fulfillment and happy customers. The beauty of custom software design is often not in the forward facing website, but in the often overlooked business processes that enhance a company from the ground up.

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