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    ASAE Small Steps App

    A Little Background

    The ASAE Small Steps mobile app is a movement tracker for conference and meeting attendees. This iPhone app and Android app serves as a fundraising tool for the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), one of the largest associations in the United States. ASAE uses the mobile application by soliciting sponsors to donate a specified amount per distance walked by meeting attendees. The app runs both as an iPhone app and Android app with the goal of showcasing that together, small acts can move the association community forward.

    Recognizing an Opportunity

    ASAE hosts many association conferences and meetings throughout the year and often these events are held in very large event halls. ASAE noticed that many attendees were using digital pedometers to track the how far they were walking during these events and recognized an opportunity to make a mobile app that served the community. ASAE teamed up with us to build a mobile application that would provide meeting attendees the ability to track the distance they walked directly from their mobile device, while also including sponsor messages in the background of the app in order to raise money for the ASAE Foundation. Each mile logged through the iPhone app or Android app benefits the ASAE Foundations thanks to the support of our in app sponsors.

    Challenge and Strategy

    We recognized early in our discovery phase that there were two distinct user groups affiliated with this mobile app and each required distinct reports. While sponsors are eager to target large groups of high-powered association executives through mobile app engagement, they want to be able to track the number of impressions their advertisement receives. Meeting attendees want to be able to easily track the distance they have walked in a phone app for both personal health reasons and the ability to determine how much money they were able to help raise for the ASAE Foundation. In order to accommodate these two distinct mobile app user groups, we built two custom reports. First, we built a report that tracks digital impressions including the number of views, the length of views, and whether the advertisement was in the Android/iPhone app’s background or foreground. The second report tracks the distance each user walked as well as the aggregate distance of all users.

    Results and User Feedback

    The Small Steps mobile app was debuted at ASAE’s August 2014 Summit and received great feedback from all user groups. Users of the mobile app commented that the app interface was easy to use and enjoyed tracking the distance they walked as well as the amount of money they helped raise for a great cause. By providing distinct reports, both ASAE and sponsors were able to gain valuable insight into how conference attendees were using the mobile application and how much exposure each digital app advertisement received.

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