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    Project Details

    Aptify Web is the next generation web interface for Aptify’s Enterprise Association Management System. The AMS is the nerve center for an association’s operations, and manages everything from contacts and memberships, event registration and management, to education delivery and tracking. It’s an association management system that’s intuitive, modern, and easy to use through a fully browser-based interface.

    Strength in Mobility

    Aptify Web takes all of the functionality available to users on the Windows Client application, and makes it available via any browser, on any internet-connected computer or tablet. Through a fully browser-based and updated interface, users have quick access to the information they need, right when they need it.

    Data Simplified

    The new design for Aptify Web was designed to be both a cosmetic overhaul, but also to migrate to newer web standards of information architecture and responsive design. The design featured a whole new set of icons, easier to read fonts and colors, a bold dashboard design, and sets the stage for continuous, iterative improvement.

    Anywhere. Anytime.

    With the new navigation and web interface, users can access the system anywhere which eliminates the need to connect to a VPN. And with the universal search, they’re able to quickly search and access data very quickly.

    User-Centered Design

    ?From the start of the design process, we knew this overhaul needed to be user-centered, beautiful and powerful. The redesigned, interactive screens were created for less clicking allowing users to save time and make more informed decisions faster and more efficiently while focusing on data content.

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